Mar 6, 2014

Italian Leather Flush Mount Album | Products | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

I'm super excited about my newest product!!  Every bride, family, and even senior wants an album to showcase their pictures in throughout their life.  I currently have an awesome linen album you can view HERE, but sometimes I have clients who want a little bit more, for lack of a better word!!

So, I got to work looking for a super luxurious album to add to my collection.  I fell in love with this all leather, flush-mount album!  Of course, you can choose all different colors of Italian leather, but how could I go wrong with turquoise as my presentation, right?

Anyway, your album title can also be embossed (as shown) or foil stamped.  The paper is thick with a rich luster coating.  Also, the pages are filled with you favorite images with an elegant panoramic presentation.

Bottom's beautifully simple from start to finish!!

So, I'd love to know...what do you think?

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